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The best diet clinic in Delhi for your better health ! Nutri Advice is one the top and leading diet clinic that gives the best diet & nutrition plan for your health by Dietician in Delhi.


Let's stop "saying" things, it is time to influence, we CAN make the difference.


Nutri Advice

Dietitian Nidhi Diet Clinic helps you to lose weight & stay slim healthy with the help of nutrition diet programs or with the diet charts which she provides. Dietitians (Dietician) Nidhi is trained and Nutritionists who help you to get your body in good shape and healthy with is the effect of diet plans which suites to your body.

Here at Our Diet Clinic in Delhi, understand your food habit and we always take care of your taste bud and belly, both at the same time. We try to help your best diet plan as per your body weight because each individual as different from another that is why we always say.
"Result may vary person to person".
So visit for quick weight loss diet

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Kirty Verma (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

I'm a big foodie and I was teased that I live to eat. I gained a lot of weight in last 3-4 years, but kinda became comfortable in my own skin - which one should NEVER get! I joined Nidhi after much speculation. Within 4.5 months, I was 15 kgs lighter! I had gastric issues from a long time, but I never had to take 1 pill after I started dieting.

The diets are really easy follow, just regular home made food, nothing fancy, nothing too difficult to prepare. She's friendly and gives you options when you really hate a certain food! I have seen many people following different sort of diet that ends up people craving for food all the time. It has been 6 months, I've not faced any such issue.

Would highly recommend her, if you want to achieve a fitter body.

Ashish Dhawan (Visited For Weight Loss Treatment)

Few months back I had no clue of what dieting is and which specialist to visit for the same. I searched google and the first name came was of Ms. Nidhi. I wasn't sure of going ahead but the day I visited her clinic my journey for weight loss started. Though the target weight loss was 12kgs but it wasn't easy for a big food enthusiast like me.

Nidhi ma'am made this journey easy for me with simple diet plan making inclusions for my favorite dishes as well. She's been very encouraging and supportive in reducing my weight. She devotes ample to everyone and is very friendly.

I would surely recommend anyone and everyone who's looking for weight loss and wishes to develop and maintain healthy eating habits.

Mr. Rakesh Gupta (Visited For Obesity)

My experience has been very good with her. She gives full attention and patiently tackles all the problems. i lost almost 5 kgs in a month. She prepares the diet chart keeping in my all the health issues like diabetics, blood pressure. I am very happy to take advice from her on my weight loss. Overall it has been a nice, effective and pleasant experience with her.

Zeeshan Ali (Visited For Weight Loss Diet Counseling)

Well being overweight is dedinately a big problem both health wise and other social factors. I tried everything ,nothing worked out or the results were not satisfactory. Then I tried a diet directed by Dt. Nidhi and now I can say I am extremely satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is facing weight loss issues.

Swaraj Mehta (Visited For Nutritional education)

Excellent! NIdhi helped me with a very personalised plan which suited my needs perfectly. I began to see results immediately, starting from the very first week. I thought it was going to be difficult to stick to the plan, but it wasn't, thanks to a plan that was made specifically for me, and not just a generic plan.

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